The people of Somalia live in a state of chaos, violence and anarchy. The conflict between rival warlords and their factions raged throughout the 1990s and 2000s, and images of violence, famine, piracy and terrorism dominated the news. Somalia has become synonymous with these issues, and the protracted conflict has overshadowed the great history of the country.  But it hasn’t always been like that. Somalia’s last central leader, Mohammed Siad Barre, ruled Somalia from 1969 to 1991. Although the genesis of Somalia’s civil strife is attributed to the policies and actions of his socialist regime in the 1980s; Somalia was once at the forefront of remarkable progress in East Africa. His government carried out programmes of social and economic transformation and built strong state institutions, including both military and bureaucratic administration. The documentary film will highlight and independently look at the backdrop of the civil war and its origins with a particular emphasis on events after the 1969 Somali bloodless coup d’état. The film will take a close look at the last functioning of the Somali government led by the late  Mohammed Siad Barre, its origin up to its breakdown and what lessons can be derived for Somalia’s 2016 upcoming election.