About the Film Makers

Director, Producer, Interviewer, Writer:

Mohammed Ibrahim ShireMohammed Ibrahim Shire is an author, blogger, and a Somali history enthusiast living in the United Kingdom. Born in war-torn Somalia, his family escaped to Europe at a young age. He spent his youth in the Netherlands before deciding to pursue his education in the UK where he received his bachelor’s and master’s from University of Leicester and Loughborough University respectively. Currently, he is simultaneously working on obtaining a Ph.D in Management Science from Loughborough University whilst working on his Master of Research in History at the University of Leicester. He is the author of Somali President: Mohammed Siad Barre, His Life and Legacy (2011). His blog site is: www.somalimind.com



Technical Director, Editor, Cameraman:
Mohammed Abdullah Artan Mohammed Abdullahi Artan is trained and educated in the art of filming and videography. He currently manages his own company producing short movies and documentaries (Nuurmedia Productions). He also teaches filming techniques as a freelancer (supply teacher). Mohammed Artan has also worked in the book industry for almost ten years, working with many authors in completing their books over the last decade. He is the founder and owner of Looh Press, an online book store that especialises in books written in Arabic, English and Somali. He is also educated in Islamic Studies. After touring several Arab countries for his Islamic studies after which he returned to the UK and managed to take courses on Islamic Manuscripts at Cambridge university. His main passion and special interest is African Studies, specifically Somali Studies. He collects narratives, videos, articles which he and others publish online at www.Somali-Studies.com.