‘Kacaan: The Untold Stories’ is a Forthcoming Somali Documentary Film

‘Kacaan: The Untold Stories’ is a Forthcoming Somali Documentary Film

‘Kacaan: The Untold Stories’ is a forthcoming Somali documentary film. Somalia has been without a functioning central government since the Siad Barre regime fell in 1991. The documentary film will highlight and independently gaze at the backdrop of the Somali civil war and its origins with a particular emphasis on events after the 1969 Somali bloodless coup d’état. The film will take a very close gaze at the very last functioning of the Somali government led by the late Somali leader Mohammed Siad Barre, its origin up to its breakdown.

Kacaan, which means Revolution in Somali, was the name designated to it after the bloodless coup d’état in the country of Somalia in 1969. The film will include major interviews with various people, starting from ex- senior government representatives to rebel and opposition leaders to never-before-seen footage of remarkable members of the pre-1991 civil community in Somalia. More than these, the film will as well return to key subjects in order to create a clearer point of view: depart fiction from fact and painstakingly look at what went wrong or right and what people can learn from the wrong actions done during that time.

This documentary is the first one which looks at the Somalia’s pre-1991 key events based on dialogues from major players. It will create a better and more vivid picture of what transpired, what went wrong and what is the basis to the outbreak of the disastrous civil war in Somalia.



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