Maryan Mursal Isse (Famous Somali Singer)

Maryan Mursal Isse (Somali: Maryam Mursal Ciise). Mursal grew up in Somalia in a Muslim family with four daughters. As a teenager, she broke with tradition and began singing professionally in Mogadishu. She performed in nightclubs and her brand of music, featuring a mix of blues, soul, Somali and Arabic influences, and known as Somali jazz, became popular across the country. Performing primarily solo, she also collaborated with Waaberi, a 300-member music and dance troupe associated with the Somali National Theatre. During the 1980s, a smear campaign was initiated against her by disgruntled colleagues and as a result, she was banned from singing for two years, and made her living driving a taxi.

Maryan Mursal InterviewMaryan Mursal InterviewMaryan Mursal Interview



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