Surer Abshir Muse Haman (Former Senior SSDF Official and Ambassador)

Surer Abshir Muse Haman (Somali: Sureer Abshir Muuse Hamaan).  Apart from being the sister of Somalia’s chief of police (Gen. Mohammed Abshir Muuse), she was a deputy ambassador to London prior to the total collapse of the state. Western-educated and the first female Somali political prisoner in the early 1970s, she was one of the founders of SSDF movement and headed the youth wing. Living in the UK most of the time, she returned to Somalia in the early 1980s as part of a government-led reconciliation campaign and joined the Somali government afterwards. Explaining the initial clash between the Western-educated and Soviet-educated Somalis after the advent of the Kacaan, the formation of the rebel movement movements and the primary reasons for her early dissident activities, what made her (and others) change their mind and how the total collapse of statehood could have been prevented.



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